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We know it can be tough to show up to a new church. We get it! You’re always welcome to taste a little of who we are before ever entering our doors. Check out our latest messages and social media pages for a better taste of how we’re different than most churches in Springfield.


Kids Point.

We want people of every age to know they are unconditionally loved by God - especially kids. In a world that can subconsciously suggest love and acceptance must be earned, we take it upon ourselves to shatter the illusion that God thinks the same way.

We want our kids to see God, others and themselves exactly how we believe God sees them - totally loved, whole and enough just as they are.

If you’re interested in Kids Point, check in your child before service at the front desk window.

For nursing moms, we also have a private nursery and infant room adjacent to the main room.

What's it like?

When you walk in, you’ll always be greeted by a friendly face. We love to meet new people, but know it can be hard for them to walk into a church not knowing anybody. We try to warmly welcome all new guests and answer any questions they have, but also try to give them their space to freely explore what we have to offer as a church, without pressure.

You’ll find every teaching positive, practical, challenging and easy to apply to your life. We believe that at the root of Christianity, everything comes down to discovering more about the nature of God, and literally everything that comes from the teaching will bottom line there. God is better than you think!

The worship at Turning Point Church is contemporary, acoustic and laid back. The informal atmosphere makes it easy to feel vulnerable and real with God - and many feel His presence in a real way.

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