Turning Point Church
5133 S Campbell
Springfield, MO  65810
Pastors Terry & Robin Bench
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Our Mission
Our Mission: (purpose, why we exist)
     To change the way this generation sees God, themselves and others.

Our Vision: (what success looks like)
     People turning to Christ

Core values: (the important things that shape everything we do)
     Word of God: teaching and modeling truth
     Valuing people: treating others with dignity and worth
     Servanthood: living to help others succeed

Key strategies: (how the mission and vision are achieved)
     Teaching: grace undeserved forgiveness; acceptance in spite of weakness; 
     freedom to fail and power to succeed…God is not mad at you

     Worship: experiencing a loving God

     Prayer: nothing is accomplished with out it…we believe in a great God

     Simplicity: keeping things simple…our world is complicated enough

     Relevant: understand and relate to the world as it is

     Relationship: doing everyday life together, connecting individuals

     Reaching Out: giving ourselves to God, each other and our world

Basic Beliefs: (non-negotiable matters of faith)
     There is one God –Father, Son and Holy Spirit
     The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
     Sin was the human problem.
     Jesus took care of it.
     We must accept it.